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About CalValves

In 1987, CalValves were introduced to an engine rebuilder in Escanaba, Michigan as an oversized, "Plus 8" (+ 0.008 in.) solution. Since that time, Cal Grinding, Inc. has improved every aspect of our products and business to become the leading remanufacturer of production engines valves in North America. Our original Plus 8 automotive valve business has been eclipsed by our custom and OEM sizing of foreign and domestic marine, diesel and locomotive valves.

We have implemented the use of the latest inspection methods including air gauging as well as laser, video, ultrasonic, and eddy current equipment. Non-destructive testing innovations such as these further enhance our engine valves by detecting OEM defects as well as fatigued parts. These tests have virtually eliminated our customers' valve related engine failures.

Cal Grinding, Inc. owns and operates its hard chrome plating facility. Through computerized control of the hard chrome plating process, we are able to efficiently provide our customers with any stem size they may need whether its oversize, a common "standard" size, or original OEM size. By carefully monitoring the plating system, following SAE plating specifications, and utilizing ASTM qualitative test methods, we have eliminated all customer concerns of plating defects.

Put your trust in CalValves as have most of your competitors. We pride ourselves in making your engine valves as good as new (if not better) while saving you money.