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Remanufactured Engine Valves Advantages

You use remanufactured heads, water and oil pumps, and blocks. So, why not use remanufactured engine valves?

In most cases, using a remanufactured part versus a new part is simply a matter of cost. Both parts take just as long to install, and both parts will (presumably) perform equally well. CalValves not only provide the cost savings, but they will save you assembly time AND THEY PERFORM AS GOOD AS OR BETTER THAN OEMS AND AFTERMARKET REPLACEMENTS!

The advantages to using remanufactured valves may not be apparent to everyone:

CalValves cost less than OEM or aftermarket valves in most cases.
CalValves virtually eliminate valve related warranty costs.

Electronic inspections reduce OEM defects.
Tighter dimensional tolerances result in better fit and seating.
Hard chrome plated stems reduce friction and wear.
Custom sizing is available to adjust for milled heads or reamed guides.

CalValves eliminate the need for in-house valve work.
Standardized stem sizes allow heads to be assembled faster.