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Engine Valve Inspection

Most of our engine valve inspection records are entered directly into a database by each machine operator using custom software applications specifically designed for Cal Grinding, Inc. As each value is entered, the application compares it with the customer's specifications that are maintained in the database. If any value is found to be outside the prescribed limits, the operator is immediately notified so that corrective action is taken. Otherwise, the data is stored in a database for monthly analysis by our Quality Control Department.

Most engine valves are inspected for the following items using analog, digital, laser, video, ultrasonic and eddie current equipment:

  • Finished stem diameter
  • Taper
  • Stem surface finish
  • Seat surface finish
  • Seat angle
  • Maximum face to stem run out
  • Minimum face margin
  • Tip to chrome length
  • Stem lobing
  • Tip hardness
  • Tip finish
  • Visual appearance
  • Head diameter

  • We can also accommodate special inspection requirements like face or stem crack detection.