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Engine Valve Manufacturing

The remanufacturing process begins with valve core that is usually provided by our customers. As you disassemble the engine heads, simply drop the worn engine valves into shipping crates rather than into a scrap bin. There's no need for you to do any cleaning, inspecting, or sorting of the valves. Just ship the valve core to us.

At our receiving station, all incoming core is sorted, pre-cleaned, oiled and tagged with the customer's name and date before going into a holding area. When we receive your valve order, one of our initial inspectors will pull the needed number of engine valves from the holding area, complete their detailed inspection of each engine valve, and assign a lot number to those engine valves that pass inspection. A computer generated production lot sheet is then printed which contains the list of operations, machine set-up specifications, and other details that you previously specified for that part number. Our production tracking program enables us to record and monitor every operation of the remanufacturing process - from initial inspection through final inspection and packaging.

Each engine valve may be subjected to as many as 18 different manufacturing operations. Throughout these operations, we use some of the best gauging and measurement equipment including digital and laser micrometers, optical comparator, eddy current and ultrasonic detectors, profilometers, dial indicators and digital hardness testers.

Several key processes such as hard chrome plating of the engine valve stems and grinding of the faces are computer controlled. These operations are started, run, monitored, adjusted, and stopped automatically by computers. This ensures that your parts are sized accurately, consistently, and efficiently. Automating operations such as these enables us to easily customize engine valves to your exact specifications.

You can review our Typical Specifications For Engine Valve Remanufacturing to see for yourself how much control you can have in the remanufacturing of your valves. Upon your request for a quote for a new part, our quality department will work with you to establish the specifications and tolerances of your valves. Feel free to review our FAQ page or contact us with any questions at any time.