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Our process is simple. You ship us your valve cores and we remanufacture them to your requirements. Then, as needed, or all at once, we ship them back.

Every step of the way we work with your team to make sure the end product meets your requirement. Need a Level 4 PPAP? Level 2? SPC data? We're happy to help. Our system logs it all and we can have it in your hands in no time.

Valve Remanufacturing

Our bread and butter. We clean the valves, hard chrome plate them, then centerless grind the stems to bring them back to size. All wear surfaces are ground and, if required, inspected to meet OE print requirements. Finally the faces are ground and they are packaged.

Where needed the valves are non-destructive tested to detect cracking.

Oversize Stems

During our chrome plating operation we add a bit more chrome and then grind them oversized. This allows you to ream out the valve guide and just install a valve. No longer do you have to worry about pressing out guides from finicky heads or concentricity issues as you press in new guides.

Our standard oversize is a 0.008 inch, but we can do any size you require. The greatest part is you save time, and at the end of the day that's more motors.

Diesel and Heavy Duty

The price of nickel got you down? Then let us pick you up. Our process lets you reclaim your expensive superalloy valves and return them to your process. We've got millions of diesel and heavy duty valves under our belt and run them every single day. You'll be blown away by our pricing, and our amazing service.

Custom Manufacturing

Need something new or unique? We've worked with customers to design new processes to help them remanufacture things they hadn't been able to do before. EGR valves, shafts, pins, even some OEM R&D products.

We love a good challenge. Bring it on!

Solid Carbide Reamers

We weren't satisfied with the carbide reamers that were out there so we designed our own. Premium grade carbide. Made in the USA. Sharp enough to cut the nastiest alloys with ease.

Got a really tough guide material? We can apply a range of coatings to help you punch more holes, straighter holes, and smoother holes.

Check out our reamer study and learn about our through coolant bushing. You don't bore a block without coolant, why would you ream a guide without it? See the proof here!

Thicker Chrome

All of our stems are hard chrome plated with even more chrome than the OEM puts on it. In some cases up to 20 times more chrome. For you it's a premium product at an affordable price, for the end user, even longer life.

This applies to all valves we remanufacture, not just the oversized stems. All of our standard stems are ground slightly undersize before we plate them and grind them to your specified stem diameter.

Don't trust your engine to a few microns of chrome on a salvaged valve. Your customers engine life will speak louder than words.

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