Optimized Cut

Sharp. Super sharp. Uber sharp.

All reamers include a pilot to get it into the hole straight. At that point you're into the cutting edge then hold on!

Long Life

Solid carbide. And we mean SOLID. Not only straight holes, but extreme life. On top of that your reamer can be resharpened for even more lives down the road.

Not only reman'd engines, but reman'd tooling.



Just like our valves, we make our reamers custom. One shop says to-ma-to, another says ta-ma-to. We've got you covered either way.

Our coatings can give you up to double the life, and in some alloys a lot more.

Coolant Bushings

You don't cut your blocks dry, so why cut your guides dry?

Now you can flood the reamer, evacuate chips, and give yourself a better finish. Plus you extend the life your tooling. Don't take our word for it, check out our reamer study.

Everything you need to go oversize.

Not convinced yet? Here are more reasons to choose our reamers:

Design Assistance

Some customers order a standard reamer and that's it. Others require custom shanks, flutes, or coatings. Our engineers have the experience you need to pick the right reamer to make sure it cuts the right diameter hole. We've helped dozens of customers set up an oversize reamer operation.

Customer Support

We are not a faceless corporation. If you call a real person answers. 99% of the time you can speak right with an engineer about your problem. If they don't know the answer, we'll find the answer!

We're proud to take care of our customers like no other valve supplier.